Meet the world’s first ultralight flight simulator that uses VR technology.

It was developed for Pipistrel’s airplanes ALPHA Trainer and ALPHA Electro. The simulator consists of several elements that, combined together, offer a unique experience of flying.

The first element you notice is X-Alpha’s physical cabin, identical to the cabin of a real ALPHA Trainer or ALPHA Electro airplane. It has two seats with the pilot seat on the left side. The pilot has all of the controls needed to fly a real airplane: joystick that controls roll and pitch, pedals that control yaw, flaps, throttle and brake levers and elevator trim control plate. The controls are fully operational and are connected to sensors that read their input and transfer it to the computer.

X-Alpha relies on versatile software, both developed in house and from third party developers, that runs the physical simulation of the airplane, reads the inputs from the sensors on the controls and draws the airplane and its surroundings on the monitor and inside the virtual reality headset that the pilot uses.

And that brings us to another very important element. Virtual reality. The X-Alpha uses VR headset instead of monitors. This is a huge advantage because the headset allows the pilot a 360 degree view of the cockpit and the landscape. He or she can lean in closer to the instrument panel to read the marks written in smaller font, look through the window and check if the landing gear is still in one peace after the landing or whether the flaps are indeed in the second position. And this way the experience is extremely immersive.

X-Alpha was developed in cooperation with Pipistrel test pilots and flight instructors and it accurately simulates the behaviour of the real aircraft. The simulator can be used for basic flight instruction and currency training.

It was first presented to the public on AERO Friedrichshafen 2017 where it attracted a lot of attention.

Which software does the X-Alpha use for flight simulations?

X-Alpha flies in X-Plane 11 for Professional Use.There are two great advantages to X-Plane. First, it has an excellent physics engine, and second, it is highly customizable. This allows the model of Alpha Trainer and Alpha Electro to match the behaviour of the real aircraft in great detail.

Controls are not working. How do I fix it?

Usually this is a software issue and the controls just need to be re-calibrated. Please follow the instructions in the chapter 6 on configuring controls in the X-Alpha manual under the documentation section. If this does not solve the problem, try the steps described in chapter 8 (Troubleshooting X-Alpha, under Controls are not working properly or at all).

I am experiencing technical difficulties with the simulator. What can I do?

First, check the X-Alpha user manual, especially the chapter on troubleshooting. It contains the list of the most common things that could go wrong and its solutions.

You can find X-Alpha manuals in the documentation section.

If the problem you are having is not solved in the manual or you have tried and failed to fix it, please contact us via the support form that can be found here.

Where can I get the X-Alpha manual?

The X-Alpha manual can be found under the documentation section. Make sure to download the correct version for your simulator’s software and hardware.

How do I clean the VR headset?

You can also use additional hygiene solutions that will help keep your VR headset clean and easier to maintain. They are especially recommended if the simulator is frequently used by different people. You can find some options on this link: https://vrcover.com/.

What are the plans for X-Alpha in the future?

X-Alpha flight simulator is a finished product, but we are always searching for ways to improve it.

We are keeping an eye on the global innovations in the fields of flight simulators and virtual reality technologies, implementing the most promising ones to X-Alpha to make it run faster, with more accurate physics model and with better resolution.

Our pilots are regularly flying the sim, comparing it to the real Alpha Trainers and Alpha Electro airplanes. Based on their feedback, we are able to tweak our model to match their behaviour as close as possible in a wide range of situations. Our instructors are working on the sim designing didactic situations that can be used for flight training and testing them with their students.

All in all, we are dedicated to make X-Alpha the best it can be.
If you have any suggestions on how to improve X-Alpha or if you want to share a thought with us, contact us via the support form, we are always opened to new ideas.

Where can I order my X-Alpha simulator?

Please contact us via the support form and we will be happy to provide you with the information you need.

Can you tell me more about the registration of my X-ALPHA simulator?

Registration is a free feature for the owners of X-ALPHA simulator. Registering your simulator unlocks full support and gives you access to software updates.

You can register your X-ALPHA through the support form. The information you will have to provide is your simulator’s serial number, which can be found on the inside of the back door, and your email address. This information allows our support team to respond efficiently and minimizes the number of exchanged emails, as we can immediately connect the incoming email with the simulator’s hardware and software configuration, and its support history. Also, it ensures that we know who to contact when we have updates, and they don’t get lost in the email chain.

Is my X-ALPHA automatically registered upon delivery?

No. You have to register your X-ALPHA through the support form.

This way, you have full control over the registration process and the email address you want to receive notifications to, and it ensures that our support team has the correct and current information.

Be sure to download the correct version for your X-Alpha software and hardware.

Check the version of X-Plane your X-Alpha is using. The version is displayed on the right-side of the screen while the simulation is loading everytime you start the X-Alpha. if you are in doubt, contact us through a support form.

X-Alpha manual REV_5X-Plane 11.20 and higher (native VR support) with HTC VIVE Pro
X-Alpha manual REV_4X-Plane 11.20 and higher (native VR support)
X-Alpha manual REV_3X-Plane 11.20 and higher (native VR support)
X-Alpha manual REV_2X-Plane 11
X-Alpha manual REV_1X-Plane 10

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Still not satisfied? Check out our documentation section. You will find everything you need to know and more in our manuals.

Do you have a problem with X-Alpha and would need our help? File a ticket here and we will get back at you at lightning speed.