Pipistrel obtained a microlight certification according to new German 600kg rules as the first in the world

On the premise of EASA new basic regulation, permitting for MTOM of 600kg for microlights in Europe, Germany was the first country to implement the new regulation. As a testament to excellent collaboration between DULV and Pipistrel since decades, Pipistrel became the first to obtain new microlight certification according to new German 600kg technical LTFUL 2018 rules.

At the hand-over Mr. Jo Konrad, Chairman of DULV, said:

»Germany was the first country which has declared the opt-out. It is also the first country which developed and published the necessary airworthiness requirements for these aircraft (LTF-UL 2019, (NfL 2-446-19). The Second Implementing Regulation for the Regulation of Inspection of the Aircraft (2nd DV LuftGerPV) on April 10, 2019, appears in the Federal Journal. Proudly and with satisfaction we are now able to hand over the first 600-kg type-certificate to the company Pipistrel for the VIRUS SW 600 D as an authorized body of the Federal Ministry of Transport. It is not only the first type certification in this category for us – probably also the first in Europe. The German type approval is recognized in many European countries. By this and in connection with the high quality of the Pipistrel products, we wish the VIRUS SW 600 D every success.«

After the speech Mr. Konrad handed over the certificate to Mr. Richard Meier of Pipistrel and congratulated him for outstanding teamwork and cooperation with DULV.

Pipistrel would like to sincerely thank our Vertical Solutions team, led by Mr. Richard Meier and Chief Engineer Vid Plevnik, who achieved this milestone in 4 months in excellent cooperation with DULV technical team: Mr. Benedikt Glock and Mr. Jörg Seewald.
Great thanks also to EASA, who enabled the increased safety for microlights by giving EU countries the opportunity to establish higher take-off weights for this class, to European Commission and to European Parliament for their continuous help and support.

Tine Tomažič PhD, the director of Pipistrel Vertical Solutions, said: “Pipistrel Vertical Solutions welcomes the exemplary working process with DULV, which allowed for a quick and diligent verification of Virus SW 600 D conformance to LTF-UL2019 rules. Developing this new product we wanted to set a benchmark in safety, and set the bar in how certification is done – I am proud of the Pipistrel Vertical Solutions team which I have the privilege to lead. The new 600 kg UL class allows for more safety enhancing features in the airplanes, and all manufacturers should keep this in mind when they pursue this new segment, rather than just making “heavier” ultralights.”

As Ivo Boscarol pointed out during the press conference, the entire aviation community is especially thankful to Mr. Jo Konrad for his initiative, leadership and passion for establishing the 600 kg UL class: “Thank you, Jo!”

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